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To apply to the position of Consultant at the Centre for Writing in English, click on this link here

Consultant Job Description

The Centre for Writing in English (CWE) under the Vice Rectorate of Educational and Academic Affairs at King Saud University – Female Campus – invites applications for the position:

Job Title

Academic Writing Consultant

Hours per Week

Decided by the consultant and approved by CWA administration:  1 to 6 hours per week

Job Description

Academic Writing Consultants hold one-on-one conferences with writers who visit the Centre for Writing in English. Visitors to the Centre include King Saud University undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff. The main responsibility of consultants is to improve long-term writer skills through discussion of drafts of academic writing in English. Consultants must be familiar with the academic writing process, writing strategies, research strategies, and grammar rules. They develop academic writing resources and materials, work with faculty and staff in the department to support writing course objectives, and eventually train additional CWE Consultants. They must be ready to discuss writing strategies for a variety of discursive modes, including linguistics and literature courses; dissertation, masters and senior thesis chapters; personal essays for job and graduate school applications; creative writing; articles for publication; project, thesis or grant proposals, and course syllabi. Consultants write a summary and assessment of each conference; they also collaborate in establishing and maintaining CWE objectives and procedures.

Job Requirements

Consultants should be experienced writers. English teaching or tutoring experience is preferred. ESL training, experience working with ESL students at the college level, or familiarity with writing centers is highly desired. Interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a collaborative setting are essential. A willingness to assist in the training of new CWE consultants, adhere to CWE pedagogy, procedures and policies, and contribute to CWE publications is required. Attendance of weekly professional development sessions is mandatory.


Students:                                SR 20/hour for no more than SR 400 a month

BA degree holders:                  SR 25/hour for no more than SR 600 a month

Master’s degree holders:          SR 30/hour for no more than SR 800 a month

PhD holders:                            SR 1200/month


Compensation is calculated at the end of the semester on the basis of logged-in hours.

Compensation may not be immediately paid due to King Saud University payment logistics.


Additional Information

The CWE expands from year to year. Those who demonstrate engagement and growth in the position will be maintained for further employment. 


To apply for the position, please submit a complete a Consultant Application online at Prepare to upload:

  • A CV attesting to qualifications for working as an Academic Writing Consultant.
  • A 2-5 page academic writing sample like:
    • Writing that presents an argument of some kind.
    • A course paper with instructor comments.
  • A copy of an unofficial transcript (for students).
  • Two written recommendations from professors (for students).
  • A scanned image of national ID/Iqama/Passport (for compensation purposes).

Contact with any questions.

Consultant Job Description